First from the bloggard

I’ve been wanting to construct a personal blog but it’s just now that I had convinced myself to finally have one. I’m such a laggard having mine just this time.. It’s been a decade, I know! I actually  preferred keeping a journal notebook with me which is apparently traditional but no issues with that anyway, although I’m really glad that I am now innovating! Ha-ha! However, I actually keep a notepad with me all the time besides my journal. What do I do with that? I jot in unanticipated ideas that would pop in my head, even words that I would  accidentally see being posted anywhere or  even about things I would see around that I might want to look over the internet for a blog review, name it! Ha-ha! Whatever strikes me, I shall dash it off my pad. It is actually a pretty cool thing I do to commit to my memory. I’m sure, anyone would get pissed when he or she forget things on the time they most need to remember them, so definitely that pad’s gonna help for saving blog-worthy stuffs! 🙂

So there, just a few about me for my starter to formally mark the birth of my blog! Ha-ha! Basically, I’ll be posting anything that will go in harmony with my mood, probably anything under the sun! til my next post!